Mansion en Getsemani 10 Bedrooms

Mansion en Getsemani 10 Bedrooms


10 bedrooms

11 bathrooms

22 guests

1500 m2

We give you much more than just a set of keys


This charming 10 bedroom home is completely equipped with everything necessary for a much needed romp through the relaxed coastal town of Getsemani. With stone floors and canvas drapes, there is an authentic Colombian style to this property that makes you feel right at home – a perfect balance of industrial design and rustic charm.Cartagena

The main house has two floors: in the first floor you will find multiple lounge areas along with a large dining table in the center, cozy sofas and much comfort for guests and still a large bedroom with two bunk beds and a bathroom. On the first floor is the master suite offering a king-size bed, bathroom and private terrace with sofas and a hot tub (a traditional Japanese wooden bathtub no less), where you can enjoy direct views of the sprawling ocean.

on the opposite end of the terrain, separated from the remainder of the residence in an interesting drop of outdoor waters, there is a smaller unit but equally charming. This two-story house features two bedrooms symmetrical in up; one has views of the sea and the other for the cliff. Are separated by a second TV room, as cozy as the first, with inviting sofas and both have their own bathroom. The third suite is located on the ground floor where is another sitting area. It is an open space that integrates the living room, dining room, kitchen and toilet.

the external area is graminea until the beach. A space for meals, with barbecue, bar and a cabana picturesque with toilet are with the foot in the sand, almost at sea. Other facilities available include: two tvs with cable channels, wi-fi, kayaking and surf boards.

The property is maintained by a team of well-trained staff composed of housekeepers, cook, gardener and night security. The residence offers full service, single in Trancoso, which includes all meals and drinks to make your vacation in Trancoso even more relaxing.


Located in Getsemani Cartagena is a charming village with incredible beaches, beautiful nature and a mild climate all year round. Populated by hippies in the 70s, the calm and charm has carried through the decades attracting travelers from around the world for every season. In the evenings, the Square pulls in small crowds and in the midst of the colorful umbrellas and wooden tables you will find a range of open air restaurants and bars. For those looking for tranquility and sophistication in a lovely, nature filled setting – Cartagena is the place for you.

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Contact Person : Jonathan